First Ride Report

It's always a pleasure to receive emails from happy customers. As a small brand, and one that operates exclusively online, we appreciate that it can feel like a risk to buy without having had your hands on a frame yourself. As I often tell our prospective customers - we offer free returns on orders from the UK, but we hardly ever get them back.

This morning I opened an email with a first ride report for an Airlight Stainless Steel Road Frame from John in Bristol, a true steel connoisseur:

"Just a quick note to say I had a great ride on your Airlight today. It's awesome.

"The ride? It's probably as comfy as my vintage steel, which is a 1971 Mercian 'Superlight', but I'd say the stiffness from the large diameter tubes is more like an alloy CX bike that I also have, which means it doesn't budge under pedalling load at all.

"I completely free-wheeled the long descent into Tintern with my chin hanging over the front of the stem, overhauling several other riders on the way. So yes, it's a really grin-inducing descender too. I'll send over a couple of better photos after I've added some stickers. And the spills from my ride drink of choice, Ribena, don't show at all.

"I'm flying down to Rio on my Airlight. You only live once you know."

Stainless Road Bike Frame

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