Genesis Volare & Equilibrium Frames

Genesis Volare & Equilibrium Frames

Genesis Updates Volare Steel Frame

Genesis has updated its Volare steel race-ready bike with a new Reynolds tubeset. The Madison Genesis team are racing a Reynolds 953 version of the frameset at the moment, but the tubing design changes will also be replicated down the range into the Reynolds 931 and 853 for the upcoming 2016 season. The steel tubes are made by Reynolds in Birmingham and put together by Ora Engineering in Taiwan - a great partnership... who knows where else such a combination exists?

"The new Volare has had a few changes for 2015, most notably the graphics that we hope will continue to stand out from the competition in the peloton. By using the pop of the MGT colour palette and a matt black paint to cover the forequarter, we can allow the steel to do what it does best and look beautiful without compromising on weight."

Genesis Volare Frameset

Genesis Volare 953 Price

Genesis Equilibrium Frameset

The Genesis Equiplibrium is another great bike in their range. This one is made from KVA MS3 tubing, a material which will be adding to our range here soon with the Airlight Stainless Road Frame in a geometry featuring a classic horizontal top tube.

MS3 builds on KVA's award-winning MS2 Martensitic Air-Hardened stainless steel, bringing improved corrosion resistance and a steeper stress-strain curve to the table. Developed originally for aerospace landing gear applications) MS3 is every part a "super steel", sitting right alongside XCR and Reynolds 931.

Genesis Equilibrium Frameset

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