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On: 12th Jul 2019
Gosforth Bike

A few new builds to show of this spring:

Stainless steel road bike frame

Stainless steel road bike frame

Stainless steel road bike frame

Finally got round to taking some pictures of my built 931. As you can tell, its inspired by the Trent Bicycle Works build you have on your website. The wheels are from Stayer Cycles , along with Ultegra R8000 and Zipp finishing kit.

I love the way it rides and the way it looks. It's received much admiration from my riding friends.

James Johnson digitalcadre.com

We've also made it down under:

Stainless road bike

It was really well built up by Marty from EnPlusOne - https://www.facebook.com/enplusone/

I've ridden around 1500kms now including some local Gran Fondos - https://velothonsunshinecoast.com.au/ and http://noosaclassic.com.au/ It's all going well!

- - Andrew Wright

Here are the build details:

  • Gosforth 931 Frame
  • Columbus Fultura SL forks
  • Zipp Service Course stem, bars and seatpost
  • Ultegra 8000 - 50-34 x 11-32
  • Prime RP28 wheels and Vittoria Corsa tyres
  • King stainless cages
  • Hope headset and seat clamp
  • Fetha Garmin mount
  • Weight 8.3kgs all in

Finally one from Brian in the USA:

Steel bike frame

It is amazing! Smooth and sexy! My new daily commuter. I’ll send more detail soon but these were the main parts used. Feel free to post it around I’m glad I can finally show it off ;)

Brian Daneshgar

  • Frame: Gosforth 931
  • Groupset: Shimano 105
  • Fork: Enve 2.0
  • Wheels: Farsports Carbon Clinchers & White Industry T11
On: 14th Feb 2018
Stainless Bike Frame

Another beauty of a Reynolds 931 stainless steel build to add to the gallery.

Big thank you to Tim for taking the time to send over these photos and posting some great feedback on Bike Radar.

Build list:
Groupset: Campagnolo Chorus 2015
Chain: KMC X11-SL
Fork: Enve 2.0
Frame: Gosforth 931
Handlebar: 3T Ergonova Team Stealth
Tape: Lizard Skins DSP 1.8
Headset: Tune Bobo
Pedals: Shimano 6800
Saddle: Fizik Arione R1
Seatpost: 3t Stylus Team Stealth
Seatpost collar: JL Titanium Clamp
Stem: 3T Arx Pro -17deg, 120mm
Tires: Vittoria G+ Corsa 25mm
Wheelset: Farsports Carbon Clincher 38mm x 25mm / White Industries T11
Bottlecages: King Stainless

Total weight 7.9kg

Stainless road bike

Reynolds 931 Bike Frame

Stainless Steel Bike

On: 15th Feb 2017
Ake 931 bike frame

Thanks to Ake for sending in his 931 build:

Cranks: Sram Red GXP
Bottom Bracket: Ultimate Ceramic GXP/BSA
Chainring: Sram Force 1/11 50T
Casette: Sram PG1070 -11 speed-11-26
Chain: Sram XX1
Pedals: Speedplay
Right Rear Shifter: Sram Force 22 /11
Left Brake Lever: Sram Force 1
Brakes: Sram Force 22 /11
Rear Derailleur: Sram Rival1
Cables: Yokozuna Reaction Cables
Headset : Chris King NoThreadset 1 1/8
Fork: 3T Funda Pro
Stem: 3T Arx Pro
Bar: 3T Ergosum Pro
Bartape: Fizik Superleigt Soft Touch Grey
Wheels: DT Swiss RR 440 Hub DT Swiss 240s
Tires: Panaracer Gravel King 700 x 26
Seatpost: Canyon VCLC
Saddle: Fizik Kurve Chameleon
Bottle cages: RSP Titaneum
GPS holder: Fetah (for Garmin)

All over weight 7.8 kg

On: 19th May 2016
Trent Bicycle Works

Trent Bicycle Works is small workshop, based in Newark, which draws on 20 years of bicycle building experience to deliver bespoke bicycles in every detail, from bar tape to tyres and everything in-between.

Adam, who runs the workshop over there, got in touch about a complete stainless build he wanted to put together for a customer of his. We think the end result is a thing of beauty.

"James was really happy - like a kid at Christmas! He's an architect by trade so really has an eye for detail. He absolutely loved the subtlety of the build. I was really impressed with the frame and forks and as a build together they look awesome, really glad James went with this option."
- Adam Round, Trent Bicycle Works

If you are in Nottinghamshire or Newark area and are looking for some help in putting your dream bike together then Trent Bicycle Works is the place to go.

Build list:

Trent Bicycle Works

Hope Wheel Hub

Hope Headsets

Seat tube

Reynolds 931 branding

Gosforth Cycles Road Bike

Hope Wheel Hub 2

Gosforth Branding

Gosforth Cycles

Trent Bicycle Works Gosforth Cycles

On: 11th Dec 2015
New Jersey Stainless Bike

Mike in New Jersey sent over a couple of photos of his Stainless 931 build.

The frame was originally rescued with a gloss black paint job, after some over-eager work in the sandblast cabinet.

"Rode it today.. it's as i imagined it, with the wheelset and crankset .. it rides just as i wanted it.

Got it built to a hair over 15lbs with full SRAM Ergo Red with Rotor 155mm and US edition Q Rings crankset.

I slapped on an 80mm 17 degrees stem, Ritchey WCS.. which i can get away with for being small :-)

Thomson Carbon handlebar and Thomson Masterpiece seat post, with Fizik Snake Kurve Saddle.

Fulcrum 1's complete the bike with Tufo tubular clinchers.

15 lbs (6.8kg) includes the pedals, water cages and the spare tubular.. as you see the bike on the pic attached.

Thanks again!"

Stainless 931 bike

Reynolds 931 Bike Frame

Stainless Steel Bike

This is a bike for life for Mike - I'm sure it will give him many, many years of pleasure. Thank you for the photos.

See more of the GOSFORTH 931 here.

On: 26th Oct 2015
Stainless Steel Bike Frame

Mike in New Jersey was searching for a classic stainless steel road bike frame when he happened upon our website.

As an experienced cyclist, he knew the geometry of our 931 would suit him perfectly, however his ideal size was out of stock - luckily he contacted us anyway to to see what we could do.

From the tone of his emails it appeared Mike had fallen in love, so we devised a plan to breathe new life into a stainless 931 that had been removed from our stock list and happened to be the correct fit. The frame was in perfect condition apart from some over-eager etching with the sandblaster along the top tube, which was neatly covered with a blocky gloss-black paint job.

Mike's frame is currently over the Atlantic (remember it's free International delivery) where he is ready to build it up over winter. We're very much looking forward to seeing the finished bike when it's complete.

Stainless Road Bike Frame

Stainless Road Frame

Reynolds 931 Bike Frame

Stainless Road Bike

Steel Bike Frame

Stainless Steel Bike

On: 9th Sep 2015
Reynolds 931 Bike

York cyclist Chris Gargett is British Cycling qualified, a SkyRide Leader and a cycling writer - it's fair to say he knows a thing or two about bikes.

This is his new Reynolds 931 frame built up with an Ultegra group and Fizik & Thompson finishing kit. Chris also keeps the minimal aesthetic with a Planet X carbon fork in matt black with no logos (for just £99.00). There's an obligatory Chris King headset too.

"Rides like a dream. Just on about 8kg I think... light enough anyway! Geometry is tall enough to ride a quick 50-75 miler without any discomfort and low enough to get into a decent TT position, which pretty much covers my riding needs. Don't think I'll need to buy another frame ever again."

Build details are:

  • 931 Reynolds Frame
  • Planet X Pro Carbon Fork
  • Shimano Ultegra Groupset
  • Fizik Antares Saddle
  • Fizik Cyrano Bars
  • Chris King Headset
  • Thomson Stem and Seatpost
  • Swiss Side Gotthard Wheelset

York Stainless Steel Bike

Stainless Steel Bike

Reynolds 931 Steel Bike

Chris was an absolute gent while waiting for his pre-ordered frame to arrive, so a big thank you for that and also for the build photos. If I'm ever in York on a weekend morning I will look you up for a quick blast into the Howardian Hills.

On: 5th Aug 2015
931 Stainless Road Bike

A quick post show the latest customer build. This is Matt's 931 Stainless Road Bike, which was put together for under £1000.

Matt built the Gosforth 931 stainless road frame up with a Columbus Minimal carbon road fork. With the exceptions of some new cables and bar tape, all the other parts were reclaimed from an old Specialised Allez. The finished article look fantastic - a simple, minimal build that proves you don't need to break the bank to ride a top-notch stainless steel road bike. Big thanks to Matt for the photo.

"Finished the build, got my steering tube cut to size and loving my new bike! Been out a couple of times on it and it is a massive improvement on my Specialized (not to mention looks exponentially better...). Feels like quite a stiff ride so far - looking forward to getting out and about on it more!"

On: 7th Jul 2015
Enve 2.0 Fork Reviews

One of the most common questions we're asked is which carbon forks are compatible with our steel frames.

The short answer is for our Reynolds 931 and Reynolds 953 frames you can can use ANY fork with a straight 1-1/8" steerer. You will also need a 1-1/8" external headset.

Some carbon forks are labelled as specifically for an external (or non-intergrated) headset, such as a the Columbus Minimal below. However, the only thing that makes these forks different is the styling around the crown, where they are likely to have a rounder shoulder, compared to other designs. Just to repeat, ANY fork with a straight 1-1/8" steerer will be compatible.

Here's the Columbus Minimal on one of our prototype builds. These forks get consistently good reviews and are available from a number of online bike stores for about £170.

Carbon Forks for Steel Bike Frames

Steel Bike Frame Forks

Planet-X are well known for really good kit at great prices. Their Pro Carbon Road Forks come in a 1-1/8" option and will do a great job at under 400 grams and £100. They are available in a number of colours including white, black and pink.

Planet X Forks for Steel Bikes

Another option is the Ritchey Comp - a nice looking fork in one-piece monocoque high-modulus carbon construction. Available from about £150.

Ritchey Road Forks

Finally, our favourite - the Enve 2.0. We're big fans of the Enve range - take a look at Mark's Stainless in Seattle build, which features a full Enve finishing kit of forks, seat post, stem and bars. Enve 2.0 forks are around £350, but a top quality product and well worth the investment.

Enve Forks for steel bikes

Enve 2.0 Forks

There are plenty of options out there. You'll also find carbon forks for our steel bikes from 3T, Deda, Kenesis and Easton. Please feel free to get in touch if you need any advice.

Why don't you use internal headsets?

We decided to to use the 1-1/8" external headset size for a number of reasons. Most importantly, there are a huge number of internal, semi-integrated, tapered and other variations on the humble headset now. The bike industry has a nasty habit of throwing out dozens of new specs, only to make them obsolete a few years down the line. Do you really think you'll be able to find replacement headsets for all those standards? That means if we'd happen to buy into the latest and greatest spec that no one supports in five years then a worn-out headset or cracked fork could mean your frame becomes a paperweight.

That's not what we're about. We want to make heirloom worthy frames to last a lifetime - component specification is part of that. The 1-1/8" size is so well established headsets in this size will always be available.

The move to tapered steerer tubes with 1.5" or larger diameter is also puzzling. I'm sure you've heard this is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but seriously - when is the last time any of us had any problems with an "undersize" 1-1/8" head tube? Also, have you noticed that the bike industry recently "improved" the bottom bracket area by moving the cups outside the BB shell (essentially, adopting the same design as a 1-1/8" external headset)? How can moving some bearings into one tube, and moving other bearings out of a tube both lead to a great improvement?

On: 29th Mar 2015
Gosforth Cycles

I've had a few requests this week for some basic full frame photos of the items we have left in stock. So, here you go. Our Reynolds 931 and Reynolds 953 frames in bare, shiny, stainless steel.

Gosforth Steel Cycles

Reynolds 931 Frames

Reynolds 953 Frames

On: 29th Jan 2015
Rikulau Bikes

Rikulau Bicycles is a Taiwanese company with a range of beautiful road and mountain bikes, usually made from Reynolds steel, though they produce some Columbus frames and titanium frames too.

Rikulau is the name given to the clouded leopard by the Rukai people - a native Taiwanese tribe. Legend has it that a group of Rukai ancestors followed the footprints of a Rikulai to find a land for their children, settling at the foothills of Da-Wu mountain where the rikulau stopped.

While Rikalua are not well known in the UK, back in Asia they receive glowing reviews and have a fantastic reputation for producing high quality steel and titanium framesets with smooth welds and distinctive bead blasting.

Rikulau was one of the first brands in the world to embrace Reynolds 953, a material notoriously difficult for frame builder to work with, making them leaders in harnessing the unique properties of the material to build stiff, fast road machines.

Rikulau bikes for sale

Rikulau bikes UK

Rikulau bike reviews

Rikulau bike frames UK

Rikulau Buy UK

Rikulau UK

Rikulau bikes for sale

On: 7th Jan 2015
Gosforth Cycles

Welcome to the new GOSFORTH.CC webstore.

We now have a selection of Reynolds 931 & Reynolds 953 stock road bike frames available for purchase online. We also have components including titanium seatposts, titanium stems, some beautiful and hard to find titanium road forks, and a short run of an exceptional Ti-3Al-2.5V fixed wheel framesets. They are sure to go fast.

While GOSFORTH.CC is a new venture, you won't be surprised to hear that all our products are meticulously welded by hand in Taiwan by a factory that supplies the very same standard of goods to brands much more famous than our own. We hope you like them.

Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow on Twitter for updates.

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