Mike's Stainless 931

Stainless Steel Bike Frame

Mike in New Jersey was searching for a classic stainless steel road bike frame when he happened upon our website.

As an experienced cyclist, he knew the geometry of our 931 would suit him perfectly, however his ideal size was out of stock - luckily he contacted us anyway to to see what we could do.

From the tone of his emails it appeared Mike had fallen in love, so we devised a plan to breathe new life into a stainless 931 that had been removed from our stock list and happened to be the correct fit. The frame was in perfect condition apart from some over-eager etching with the sandblaster along the top tube, which was neatly covered with a blocky gloss-black paint job.

Mike's frame is currently over the Atlantic (remember it's free International delivery) where he is ready to build it up over winter. We're very much looking forward to seeing the finished bike when it's complete.

Stainless Road Bike Frame

Stainless Road Frame

Reynolds 931 Bike Frame

Stainless Road Bike

Steel Bike Frame

Stainless Steel Bike

stainless bike frame

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