Rikulau Bikes

Rikulau Bikes

Rikulau Bicycles is a Taiwanese company with a range of beautiful road and mountain bikes, usually made from Reynolds steel, though they produce some Columbus frames and titanium frames too.

Rikulau is the name given to the clouded leopard by the Rukai people - a native Taiwanese tribe. Legend has it that a group of Rukai ancestors followed the footprints of a Rikulai to find a land for their children, settling at the foothills of Da-Wu mountain where the rikulau stopped.

While Rikalua are not well known in the UK, back in Asia they receive glowing reviews and have a fantastic reputation for producing high quality steel and titanium framesets with smooth welds and distinctive bead blasting.

Rikulau was one of the first brands in the world to embrace Reynolds 953, a material notoriously difficult for frame builder to work with, making them leaders in harnessing the unique properties of the material to build stiff, fast road machines.

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Rikulau bikes for sale

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