The Ryals Climb - A Cyclone Festival of Cycling Rider Guide

The Ryals Climb

The Cyclone Festival of Cycling takes place once again in Northumberland in June

Here the organisers look at the famous Ryals climb, a key component of both the Challenge rides and the elite races during the festival.

The Ryals Climb - A Cyclone Festival of Cycling Rider Guide from Cyclone Cycling Festival on Vimeo.

The Ryals is actually three distinct ramps, with flat or even slightly downhill sections between them. Their location, close to the end of the Challenge rides and races makes them especially significant, with club riders negotiating them when tired and the pros at a key point of their race. Either way, riding them is an experience never to be forgotten.

Simon Yates holds the Strava Record for the Ryals Proper, set in the Beaumont Trophy in 2012. Better to keep your powder dry as the gradient starts to ramp up for a good go at the 105 metre, 15% average First Ryal Segment, which is where the lactic really starts to build.

Remember to smile - there are always event photographers waiting at the top.

More details and registration for the rides is on

Ryals Climb

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