Trent Bicycle Works

Trent Bicycle Works

Trent Bicycle Works is small workshop, based in Newark, which draws on 20 years of bicycle building experience to deliver bespoke bicycles in every detail, from bar tape to tyres and everything in-between.

Adam, who runs the workshop over there, got in touch about a complete stainless build he wanted to put together for a customer of his. We think the end result is a thing of beauty.

"James was really happy - like a kid at Christmas! He's an architect by trade so really has an eye for detail. He absolutely loved the subtlety of the build. I was really impressed with the frame and forks and as a build together they look awesome, really glad James went with this option."
- Adam Round, Trent Bicycle Works

If you are in Nottinghamshire or Newark area and are looking for some help in putting your dream bike together then Trent Bicycle Works is the place to go.

Build list:

Trent Bicycle Works

Hope Wheel Hub

Hope Headsets

Seat tube

Reynolds 931 branding

Gosforth Cycles Road Bike

Hope Wheel Hub 2

Gosforth Branding

Gosforth Cycles

Trent Bicycle Works Gosforth Cycles

Trent Bicycle Works Newark Background

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