Reynolds 953
953 Road Bike
Stainless Road Bike Frame
Reynolds 953 road frames
953 Bike Frame
953 Road Frame
953 Road Bike
Stainless Road Bike Frame
Reynolds 953 road frames
953 Bike Frame
953 Road Frame

Gosforth Reynolds 953

Gone Riding

Back in 2021.

All our 2020 stock is now sold out. We'll be back in February with the 931 and 953 frames and something new in Titanium.
- DJ and the team at (Sep 2020)

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Gosforth Reynolds 953 Road Bike Frame

A leading edge tubeset in a semi-compact geometry inline with modern road frame designs for all day comfort in the saddle and an ideal balance of engaging, composed feedback through the bars.

Reynolds 953 has extreme fatigue resistance, a steep stress/strain curve and a strength-to-weight ratio to take on the best materials in world. These properties translate into an innate dampening of road vibration and a highly responsive feel under load.

To ride, the 953 just feels good; really good. Drop it into a sharp descent and it is stable and predictable. Pin it through an apex and it is settled, almost calm.

With the feel of the naturally smooth-rolling steel through your feet, you are immediately at one with our 953. Given its strength, durability, and timeless good looks, it will become your go-to steed for long days in the saddle. Take the money you have saved on this top-end Reynolds 953 frame and splash out on the wheels - you won't regret it.

Take a look at some 953 builds here.

Pre-order Information

We're currently working on availability for our Reynolds 953.

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Reynolds 953 Tubeset

Complete Reynolds 953 stainless steel tubing, butted down to 0.4mm. Its figures show a very high impact strength (similar to armour plating) and a tensile strength in excess of 2000 MPa (much greater than Ti-6Al-4V titanium), at a density of only 7.8 gm/cc. It has a strength to weight ratio unparalleled by other modern tubing alloys.

This frame's main triangle uses oversized tubing with diameters increased to 31.8mm at the top and 34.9mm on the down tube. At the bottom bracket the down tube is horizontally ovalized at 40 degrees and chainstays are shaped to a bulky 29mm, which guarantees all your power gets to the rear wheel. Seat stays are a skinny 16mm diameter to dampen vibration to the saddle.

Proudly TIG-welded by hand in Taiwan.

Component Sizes
1 1/8 inch external headset
English threaded 68mm BB
32mm banded front mech
27.2mm seat post
31.8mm seat post collar
Up to 700x25c tyres
(No braze-ons for mudguards or racks)

Modern angles and tube lengths, characterised by longer head tubes and marginally shorter seat tubes.

Proportionally lengthened seatstays ensure correct weight distribution to the back wheel. When you climb, the bike has more traction. When you go through a corner, the bike trails further and you can hop on the pedals earlier.

This set-up occupies the middle ground between a sporty position and day-long comfort - perfect for those still, blue days when you don't want to go home.

Reynolds 953 Road Frame Geometry
Size Top tube Seat tube Seat tube C-C Seat angle Stand over Chain stay BB drop Head tube Head angle Stack Reach Trail Grams
S/M 542 500 460 73.5 770 412 68 145 72.5 572 373 59 1580
M 557 520 480 73.0 790 415 68 165 73.0 592 382 56 1640
L 573 540 500 73.0 805 418 68 185 73.0 612 386 56 1680

(Trail calculated with 45mm fork rake and 23mm tyres)

Reynolds 953 Bike Frame
Gosforth Reynolds 953