Bikes of 2019

A few new builds to show of this spring: Finally got round to taking some pictures of my built 931. As you can tell, its inspired by the Trent Bicycle Works build you have on your website. The wheels are from Stayer Cycles , along with Ultegra R8000 and Zipp finishing kit. I love the way it rides and the way it looks. It's received much admiration from my riding friends. James Johnson We've also made it down under: in Bucharest

We've sent frames all over the world now, but this is the first to end up in Romania Thanks to Vlad for sending this photo of his bike and some great feedback on how it rides. "I've logged about 1000km since the build and it rides great. The fit is good and the frame feels firm, springy and quick in corners. The Reynolds steel frame it replaced was sluggish and it dampened the road too much, now I feel faster, the bike is also lighter and I'm more confident to push hard. I'm also planning to go on some more climbs next month and see how well it climbs and descends, it should be great."

First Ride Report

It's always a pleasure to receive emails from happy customers. As a small brand, and one that operates exclusively online, we appreciate that it can feel like a risk to buy without having had your hands on a frame yourself. As I often tell our prospective customers - we offer free returns on orders from the UK, but we hardly ever get them back. This morning I opened an email with a first ride report for an Airlight Stainless Steel Road Frame from John in Bristol, a true steel connoisseur: "Just a quick note to say I had a great ride on your Airlight today. It's awesome. "The ride? It's probably as comfy as my vintage steel, which is a 1971 Mercian 'Superlight', but I'd say the stiffness from the large diameter tubes is more like an alloy CX bike that I also have, which means it doesn't budge under pedalling load at all. "I completely free-wheeled the long descent into Tintern with my chin hanging over the front of the stem, overhauling several other riders on the way. So yes, it's a really grin-inducing descender too. I'll send over a couple of better photos after I've added some stickers. And the spills from my ride drink of choice, Ribena, don't show at all. "I'm flying down to Rio on my Airlight. You only live once you know."

Airlight Stainless Builds

One of the early Airlight fames all built up. Thanks to Jason Flynn from Forse Cycling for this photo and a some great feedback on the frame when it arrived and later on the ride quality: The frame arrived and I'm well chuffed, it's a beauty... Ahh mate it's brilliant, love the thing, thanks so much. Seems to feel better every time I ride it. We also received this snap from photographer Ben Rice of his Airlight build in the foothills of the Pyrenees as he approached the Tourmelet: If you haven't seen the Airlight Stainless Steel Bike Frame then take a look over in the store section of the website. This Airlight is built in a carpenter Custom 630 alloy (akin to Reynolds 931) in a classic style geometry with a short headtube and horizontal top tube - priced at £670.

Airlight Stainless Road Frame... Coming Soon

After the success of our 931 and 953 launch frames, we're pleased to add our third steel road bike frame model to the range - coming in August 2015. The Airlight Stainless road frame offers another classic racing geometry, similar to our Reynolds 931 Road Frame, but this time taking on board a common customer request by featuring a horizontal top tube. Keep an eye on the blog and on twitter for more updates.