Rhod's 953 Road Bike

Here's a few quick snaps of Rhod's new Reynolds 953 frame built up with a Campag Record Group. The Fizik Cryano R1 stem and seatpost look particularly sleek alongside the deep section Mavic Cosmic Carbone rims. Exceptional work Rhod. Thank you very much for the photos. Build list: 953 Reynolds Frame ENVE 2.0 Road Forks Campag Record Groupset Mavic Cosmic Carbone Wheels Fizik Cryano R1 Finishing Kit

Yorkvelo - Chris' 931 Road Bike

York cyclist Chris Gargett is British Cycling qualified, a SkyRide Leader and a cycling writer - it's fair to say he knows a thing or two about bikes. This is his new Reynolds 931 frame built up with an Ultegra group and Fizik & Thompson finishing kit. Chris also keeps the minimal aesthetic with a Planet X carbon fork in matt black with no logos (for just £99.00). There's an obligatory Chris King headset too. "Rides like a dream. Just on about 8kg I think... light enough anyway! Geometry is tall enough to ride a quick 50-75 miler without any discomfort and low enough to get into a decent TT position, which pretty much covers my riding needs. Don't think I'll need to buy another frame ever again." Build details are: 931 Reynolds Frame Planet X Pro Carbon Fork Shimano Ultegra Groupset Fizik Antares Saddle Fizik Cyrano Bars Chris King Headset Thomson Stem and Seatpost Swiss Side Gotthard Wheelset Chris was an absolute gent while waiting for his pre-ordered frame to arrive, so a big thank you for that and also for the build photos. If I'm ever in York on a weekend morning I will look you up for a quick blast into the Howardian Hills.

Matt's 931 Stainless Road Bike (sub £1000 build)

A quick post show the latest customer build. This is Matt's 931 Stainless Road Bike, which was put together for under £1000. Matt built the Gosforth 931 stainless road frame up with a Columbus Minimal carbon road fork. With the exceptions of some new cables and bar tape, all the other parts were reclaimed from an old Specialised Allez. The finished article look fantastic - a simple, minimal build that proves you don't need to break the bank to ride a top-notch stainless steel road bike. Big thanks to Matt for the photo. "Finished the build, got my steering tube cut to size and loving my new bike! Been out a couple of times on it and it is a massive improvement on my Specialized (not to mention looks exponentially better...). Feels like quite a stiff ride so far - looking forward to getting out and about on it more!"

Stainless in Seattle

One of our first 953 frames was sent across the Atlantic to Seattle. Here she is all built up with a fantastic spec: Campy Record Campy Shamal Millie wheels Chris King headset Thompson seat post collar Lizard Skins tape Enve fork, seatpost and bars. What a beauty. A big thank you to Mark for the photos. I'd love to get this one on the scales as with the quality of the finishing kit it could be sub-7kg! "I want to thank you very much. I received the frame today, and it is perfect. I will be sending you progress pictures over the next few months until the bike is all built up. Definitely in love with this frame." -- Mark, Seattle.

Genesis Volare & Equilibrium Frames

Genesis Updates Volare Steel Frame Genesis has updated its Volare steel race-ready bike with a new Reynolds tubeset. The Madison Genesis team are racing a Reynolds 953 version of the frameset at the moment, but the tubing design changes will also be replicated down the range into the Reynolds 931 and 853 for the upcoming 2016 season. The steel tubes are made by Reynolds in Birmingham and put together by Ora Engineering in Taiwan - a great partnership... who knows where else such a combination exists? "The new Volare has had a few changes for 2015, most notably the graphics that we hope will continue to stand out from the competition in the peloton. By using the pop of the MGT colour palette and a matt black paint to cover the forequarter, we can allow the steel to do what it does best and look beautiful without compromising on weight." Genesis Equilibrium Frameset The Genesis Equiplibrium is another great bike in their range. This one is made from KVA MS3 tubing, a material which will be adding to our range here soon with the Airlight Stainless Road Frame in a geometry featuring a classic horizontal top tube. MS3 builds on KVA's award-winning MS2 Martensitic Air-Hardened stainless steel, bringing improved corrosion resistance and a steeper stress-strain curve to the table. Developed originally for aerospace landing gear applications) MS3 is every part a "super steel", sitting right alongside XCR and Reynolds 931.

Stainless Steel Road Bike Inspiration

Stainless Steel Road Bike Inspiration When you're putting together the build list for a new stainless bike there are lots of decisions to be made. The bare shiny steel can be taken in numerous directions, from a traditional Brooks saddle and leather tape, to deep carbon rims and 12K weaves. Here's some top quality stainless bike builds for your inspiration, starting with a stunning Firefly courtesy of Cycling Tips. Understated style with nothing but simple white tape and saddle: Ritte Ritte, make high end bikes in LA with some stunning paint jobs, including their Stainless Snob... True love doesn't rust: "Stainless steel is a unique material. Like titanium, it won’t corrode over time, but where it arguably rises above Ti, is in its more lively, solid ride quality that makes the bike feel glued to the road. That’s why our Snob comes to life on technical, twisty roads, challenging terrain and any time comfort and sheer traction are needed over brute stiffness." Passoni Passoni is one of my favourite bike brands and their Flickr Photostream is an easy way to spend the last half hour at work. Passoni custom fits then hand-welds its frames in a vacuum for extra strength and neatness. Here's a timeless bike with leather set-off with retro tyres and matching cables. Here's something in a more modern style, which has also been produced in pastel shades of red, green and bronze: Ahearne 650b How about something a little different with this 650b from Portland's traditional craft bike builders Ahearne Cycles? Rapha / Feather Rapha's growing collection of commissioned bikes as part of their RAPHA Continental promotion holds some truly impressive builds. For this lugged stainless addition they worked with Yorkshire's Ricky Feather: "We wanted a modern look but I really wanted a lugged bike with an oversized head tube so we could use some modern carbon forks. We’ve gone for internal cable routing and wrap-around seat stays so that we’d have clearance for mudguards. It’s going to be an all-terrain bike, it’s going to get pretty dirtied up. We didn’t want any corrosion." Naked Naked Bikes is the creative outlet of serial cycling record breaker Sam Whittingham. This bike was intended for long group rides, fondo’s and the like. The frame material is KVA stainless in half paint, half stainless: Brodie Brodie are a family run bike company from Vancouver. Here's their simple but elegant stainless offering with etched logos and discs. IL Massimo Cicli IL MASSIMO'S are artisan frame builders in the classic Italian style with each frame made by hand near Milan. This example illustrates their simple, understated style in bare steel with etched logos and a headset for colour. "It offers the durability and corrosion resistance of Titanium, but retains a much more responsive and efficient performance personality. It's ability to be polished to a mirror finish offers an exotic visual that is equal to the high, state-of-the-art alloy formulation. Laser etched logos allow the frame's natural beauty to be the focus." Gosforth Last but not least here's a GOSFORTH prototype - find out more about this Reynolds 931 frame here. Let me know if there are any great builds I've missed or which of these models is your favourite.

Rikulau Bikes

Rikulau Bicycles is a Taiwanese company with a range of beautiful road and mountain bikes, usually made from Reynolds steel, though they produce some Columbus frames and titanium frames too. Rikulau is the name given to the clouded leopard by the Rukai people - a native Taiwanese tribe. Legend has it that a group of Rukai ancestors followed the footprints of a Rikulai to find a land for their children, settling at the foothills of Da-Wu mountain where the rikulau stopped. While Rikalua are not well known in the UK, back in Asia they receive glowing reviews and have a fantastic reputation for producing high quality steel and titanium framesets with smooth welds and distinctive bead blasting. Rikulau was one of the first brands in the world to embrace Reynolds 953, a material notoriously difficult for frame builder to work with, making them leaders in harnessing the unique properties of the material to build stiff, fast road machines. New Website Launch

Welcome to the new GOSFORTH.CC webstore. We now have a selection of Reynolds 931 & Reynolds 953 stock road bike frames available for purchase online. We also have components including titanium seatposts, titanium stems, some beautiful and hard to find titanium road forks, and a short run of an exceptional Ti-3Al-2.5V fixed wheel framesets. They are sure to go fast. While GOSFORTH.CC is a new venture, you won't be surprised to hear that all our products are meticulously welded by hand in Taiwan by a factory that supplies the very same standard of goods to brands much more famous than our own. We hope you like them. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow on Twitter for updates.